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1 Project

The panorama of social media is larger than what you think: it includes a lot of alternatives to the most famous and popular ones.

Alternative social media offer an option to precise issues. These platforms came about as a result of different needs to break away from the mainstream ones. Whether we talk about censorship, privacy policies, free speech or real connections, you can find a huge amount of social media where all
these themes are discussed.

The aim of the whole research is to make it possible to understand the values of alternatives social media. The analysis focuses on words and expressions used by these new social media to self-determine themselves and from those used by their users. In doing so we had to focus more on quality over quantity.

And that was hard! We had to extract different shades of meaning from each description in order to map out argument of discussions. From the analysis three main and different protocols emerged.

2 Research

First Protocol
1st step/ We collected all the payoff from the 87 social media platform
2nd step/ We extracted the most qualitative keywords in order to understand the main themes
3rd step/ We organized the keywords in the ten different clusters found in the previous analysis
Second Protocol
1st step/ We have collected the social media alternative users reviews from the app with enough qualitative comments
2nd step/ We have depicted the most frequent keywords from each app
3rd step/ We have visualized the app based on the number of comments and we discovered the most important and peculiar themes according to all apps keywords
Third Protocol
1st step/ We have found all the alternative social media date of birth
2nd step/ We have put them in chronological order and we have crossed them with the four main topics found in the first protocol
3rd step/ We found correlations and trends between topics and years

3 Output

In this website we wanted social media platforms to

talk for themselves.

The aim of this project is to make people aware of the auto definition of alternative social media through expressions and adjectives used to declare their values and cores: an auto narration through their own words.

We decided to use words as the primary source of our research because they are the most self-representative way for these socials to describe themselves. Moreover, their qualitative nuances allowed us to study in depth the different themes emerged.

The website wants to resemble the idea of the archive. A systematic collection of names of alternative social websites in which people can read self-descriptions and reciprocal
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  • in respect to the themes found during the research.

    The objective is to echo the voice of alternative social media from which emerges a categorization by themes. The recurring and repeated presence of these themes within the payoffs of the analysed sites is an index of the importance of these social issues discussed in the digital world today.

    4 Credits

    Our self-description through keywords


    "sono gasata"
    "potrei essere in ritardo"
    "non è mica un delfino"
    "raga ce la facciamo"
    "che sssssschifo"


    "che è sta puzza?"
    "lavoriamo in un bar?"
    "mo lo spacco"
    "non ho mai sete"


    "facciamo una lista"
    "è ora della pixar"
    "mo crepo"
    "vado da Zara"
    "vorrei una pizza"


    "faccio una bozza"
    "la professionalità"
    "power nap"
    "voglio un mac"
    "volo altissimo"


    "faccio un po' di yoga"
    "potremmo chiedere"
    "raga svegliatemi"
    "voglio altri cereali"


    "raga meno"
    "non lo posso mangiare"
    "vabbè lo riscrivo"
    "vado in bagno"